Global Outreach - Missions

The needs in our world compel us to launch out beyond our community. Here are some of our current priorities in global outreach:

Missions Trips

Are you feeling called to MISSIONS?
University Carillon has built relationships with several missionaries and ministries throughout the world – including the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Rwanda, and Kenya.  We are currently involved at several locations in the Dominican Republic and in Cuba, but always looking for God’s calling.  Is God calling you?  If so, come join us.

Please pray for members of our church--and others who are ministering alongside us or in our name—on these trips:

Mission Trip Application

Mission Trip Application (fillable) - Print (PDF) ~ updated 11/17/16

Mission Trips: Church Wide - 2018

Contact: Pastor Chris Akers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 407.588.1715

  • May 26−June 2: Trip to Redemption Village in the Dominican Republic (Sucher)
    – contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Full list of items needed
  • June 29−July 7: Trip to Jackie’s House in the Dominican Republic
    – contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Trips: EPIC (student ministry)

...more about EPIC Missions

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Through this not-for-profit global humanitarian aid organization of the United Methodist Church, we respond to situations—whether caused by war, conflict or natural disaster—to alleviate human suffering in more than 80 countries.

Zoe Ministry

Established in 2004, Zoe Ministry gives hope to orphans in Africa (due primarily to the HIV/AIDS epidemic) by ministries of food relief, education support, medical care, and empowerment life-skills training. Our three-year partnership with one of the Zoe “families” -- the Amani (“peace”) Thuuria Working Group -- has just ended. Here is the report we received from Zoe:

“Three years ago a group of orphaned and vulnerable children were brought together and told that some people from a church very far away not only thought they deserved a better life, but believed in their ability to become self-sufficient and even to become leaders in their community.  It was hard for them to fully grasp what the future could hold, but ZOE helped them dream and then taught them how to achieve their dreams.  You provided the resources to make those dreams come true. Those young people have now graduated.  Today they are no longer hungry or hopeless.  They tend to farms and livestock, run small businesses, attend school and church, and serve as role models for other.”

Click PDF download to see a document about the challenges these young people face. 


The Dominican Republic

Jackie’s House

jackies0312-020jackies0312-013Each year we send a missions team to minister at Jackie’s House—a private orphanage in the Dominican Republic that ministers to handicapped, abused and neglected children, in Jesus’ name.

Each of the 25–30 children in the house has a sobering life story. For instance:

  • Claudia has cerebral palsy; when she was found, her caregiver was her 5-year-old brother.
  • Israel, Estenfani and Clara have bones so brittle that they are called “crystal children”; all three are wheelchair-bound, due to multiple fractures in their bodies. Their mom is too poor to provide proper medical care and nutrition for them.

Jackie and her husband, Hernando, felt called to care for these poor and marginalized children in a loving, Christian home where they are happy, well fed, clothed and home-schooled. Jackie’s House relies completely on donations.

DR/Rick and Barb Sucher

We have an ongoing relationship with Rick and Barb Sucher and their family who are missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Under the auspices of Missionary Ventures, Rick and Barb moved to the city of Sousa where they work with various ministries overseeing a Bible school, administering a feeding program, going door-to-door and pastoring pastors.
We send missions teams to work with the Suchers about once a year.

Update from the Suchers (April 2016):
Barb and I wanted to Thank everyone for all your help...from sending a mission team down, to serving on the field, to helping to sponsor the program...for your leadership in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We have 18 women each morning and another 12 women two nights of week...learning in our sewing programs. Each class we start off in prayer, we read the Word and share a short 5-10 minute message to introduce them to Jesus and strengthen others in their faith.

Once a month we have a special class that just is about getting to know them and sharing the love of Jesus with them...we have food, drink, great fellowship and a longer time to share the Gospel.

Your investment in not only the sewing program but in the church/ community center is bringing many people to Jesus and providing life skills that will help many Dominican families in a more long term way.

Thank you again
Rick and Barb


An Update from the pastor of one of our sister churches in Cuba:
The La Vega congregation runs a ministry called Help the Needy. Church members contribute “according to their ability” (food, money, etc.) and it is taken to very needy people. Recently they helped a 5-year-old child that had an operation. Twice a month they pass out announcement brochures in advance and then take their entire worship service outdoors – “on a road, in the yard of a house, under a lighting or where ever we are permitted.” Pastor Disnel reports, “We pray, sing a good praise with the piano and then I preach loudly for all to hear.  This is crazy blessing.”

Zion Methodist Children’s Home (The Bahamas)

On tiny Current Island, a short ferry ride from the northwest shore of Eleutherea in the Bahamas, a group of people in Zion Methodist Church dreamed of building a home to care for children that lacked basic necessities and care. We are helping that dream to become a reality.

FollowOne International

This locally-based ministry helps congregations and Christ-followers become more mobilized in God’s mission to people across American and in strategic places around the world. See

UCUMC Missionaries

Through our budget, University Carillon supports the following full-time missionaries:
Vern and Iris Cutshall, Cru, (Orlando)
Lauren Ferguson, New Way Mission (The Dominican Republic)
Jamie Gnan, Cru Campus Ministry
(East Asia)
Rick and Barbara Sucher, Missionary Ventures International
(The Dominican Republic)
John and Joan Tungseth, Cru Global Prayer Movement
Mike and Amy Whipple, Cru Strategic Partnering
Rich and Ruthie Wiewiora, Cru